Residential Learnings

AG_Branding_RetinaLast month was a busy month rounding off our Define workshops with young people, social workers and carers. It was great to have a new partner join us in this second phase, Acorn Homes, to allow the Codesigning Care team to spend some time with staff and young people in a residential setting.

Acorn Group is a family owned company. A core aim of the organisation is to promote the development of personal, social and academic skills alongside a sense of team spirit, where young people are enabled to positively develop through sports and other energising activities.

It was great to demo some of the emerging technologies we are exploring and get the young people’s input into developing concepts further based on their own personal experiences. We got some brand new ideas to explore too! We also had the opportunity to chat to staff about how technology could integrate with and help their direct work with young people.

Watch this space!

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