A postcard to a young person in care

postcard-560719_640After Luke Rodger’s presentation on 29th June, everyone was given a postcard. We had to write how a young person’s experience of social care would be different because of the impact of our project.

I found this a really useful exercise for both clarifying my thoughts about the project – 28 days into the role – and great practice for being able to explain simply how it would help young people in care: a variation of the 30 second elevator pitch.

We don’t yet know what our service will look like as young people are helping us come up with the ideas as part of the co-design process. This means it is much more challenging to explain the project to other people. But already key challenges are being discussed by the young people in the Discovery workshops.

The postcard said: As a result of our innovation project, your experience of social care will be …

I wrote: Your experience of care will be better because our service will enable you to:

  • cope with challenges
  • practise recognising and managing your emotions and actions
  • communicate your feelings and wants and needs to professionals
  • build a better relationship with your social worker(s)
  • have your say in important decisions
  • reflect on your experiences and write your own story
  • be more connected to others in your situation
  • stay safe.

It was great to feel so proud and motivated by what I had written down. From some of the research I have been doing, I now believe our service can offer all this and much, much more.

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