Define Workshops

WorkshopPicThis week saw the kick off of our Define workshops. Working with Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster boroughs in London we now have two regular groups of young people working with us to build on the ideas we developed during the first phase of the project.

Starting with loose concepts, and a few limited function prototypes, we are using design methods to develop workshop environments for the young people to creatively engage in the design process and push the ideas forward. With discussion games around avatars and collage exercises designed to co-create virtual worlds, the focus really is on designing bespoke tools to creatively engage the young people in the process in a way they identify with.

Elsewhere we are engaging a regular group of foster carers in Essex, drawing on their lived experience to dig deeper into the intersection between crisis and communication and specifically how technology could help — a key area of opportunity identified in the Discovery phase.

As we move through the Define phase we will be continuing to engage with social workers, carers, residential staff and young people to focus our emerging ideas and co-design their progression into working prototypes.

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