Discovery in full swing

Over the last month we have been super busy diving into the Discovery Phase of the project. So far we have held 6 discovery workshops, engaging 35 young people along the way. The focus of these workshops has been to understand the experiences of young people in care: what have been the hardest moments and what has helped them along the way.

Having undertaken many workshops over the years, we know full well these experiences can be painful to discuss. With this in mind we have worked hard to create tools to make this process as non-threatening, engaging and interactive as possible for the young people. We have created large paper versions of the game ‘Crossy Road’ (ties in nicely with our tech theme) which the young people have used to create a collage using cars/vans to represent the difficult times and life giving coins to tell us what picked them up or helped them cope better.









We have also used tools to allow them to tell us who they communicate with in various scenarios, how and why. We’ve played games to understand what’s cool in the world of young people’s apps, games and websites and we’ve had some amazingly honest discussions around our 6 themes.

As we move through the analysis aspect of the Discovery Phase we will now be looking to identify opportunities to develop concepts for new digital services. In September we will be revisiting our young designers to test these concepts with them and get their ‘no holes barred’ opinions on whether our ideas will really help young people in care. We’re also pretty sure they’ll have some further great ideas to throw into the mix too.

We’d like to thank all of the young people for their involvement, enthusiasm and honesty to date. Also, TriBorough Council, Essex Council and Channels and Choices for their help in organising the engagement to date. Without you our project would not be where it is today.

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