A helping hand from The Care Council

Yesterday we were excited to kick off our engagement with young people with a short but sweet introductory workshop with The Children in Care Council from Essex. The aim of the session was to present the project and get their feedback on our ‘sales pitch’. Were we putting emphasis on the right elements? What could we say to make young people want to get involved and which bits particularly made them excited to be a part of it?

We were also keen to present our six themes to them: communication, companionship, advocacy, coaching, supervision, capture. We wanted to understand what these themes meant to the young people. How did they interpret these areas of interest for us and how could we best explore these with young people? Together we worked to reinterpret the language into words that young people identify with. The biggest finding being the reinvention of coaching into ‘Helping you cope’: a phrase that all our young people strongly identified with.

We were also keen to get an insight into the existing world of tech from a young persons perspective. We played a quick fire round of ‘Cool or not cool’ and mapped existing apps/devices/websites on our Tech Chart to discover what is currently on the up and what is going down.

We’re excited to report that all young people involved are all keen to be involved moving forwards.

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